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      High-efficiency solutions for ease-of-use in virtually all environments.


      Reliability and convenience for emergency exits and escape routes.


      Comprehensive accessories for universal applicability in all situations.


      Fortress Hardware (Taiwan Fu Hsing Group) is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to door control solutions for the global market. In our state-of-the-art facilities, skilled staff manufactures high-end cam action door closers, tried-and-true rack-and-pinion closers, floor springs, transom closers, as well as hydraulic patch fittings and exit devices to the highest quality requirements. Certified according to leading international standards such as CE, UL, or ANSI, our wide range of door control products has the right solution for your fire safety needs, both for commercial and residential settings.


      Door Coordinators Hardware

      Door Coordinators

      Cam Action Door Closers

      Door Closers

      Floor Hinges

      Floor Springs

      Hydraulic Patch Fittings

      Hydraulic Patch Fittings

      Panic Exit Devices

      Panic Exit Devices

      Transom Door Closers

      Transom Closers

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