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Welcome to My World of Compassionate Care and Education!

     The story of my journey into the world of dementia care begins with a simple act of kindness – caring for a neighbor named Mary, who faced the challenges of Young Onset Alzheimer's disease. At that time, I knew very little about dementia care and found myself unintentionally making mistakes – like arguing and neglecting routines. No one had given us (her family, her friends or me) the tools to develop a better understanding of what she was going through and how we could best assist and partner with her. This encounter ignited a passionate quest for knowledge and a determination to become the best caregiver possible for Mary and an educator for others.

     With a thirst for understanding dementia and a desire to provide the best care, I embarked on a mission of self-education. I scoured resources, attended seminars, and delved into the world of dementia care, determined to make a difference. This quest led me to the enlightening teachings of Beverly Moore and StilMee, a wealth of knowledge in the realm of dementia care.

     Under Beverly's expert direction, I embraced the role of a StilMee Family Coach. Reading Beverly's insightful book, "Matters of the Mind and the Heart," gave me a strong foundation and unwavering dedication to continue my career as a coach for dementia clients, their families, and their friends. However, my journey didn't end there.

     I realized that there was a significant gap in accessible information and support for individuals dealing with dementia after a diagnosis was given. This revelation sparked a new desire to change the status quo. Armed with a deep well of knowledge, I was now able to bring hope to families, offering training, tips, and strategies to navigate the challenging journey of dementia care.

     I embarked on a remarkable journey, fueled by a vision of improving the lives of those touched by dementia, and today, I feel I am a beacon of hope, a mentor, and a guide for families facing the complexities of dementia.

     Join me on this journey of care, compassion, and education. Together, we can make life brighter for those living with dementia and their loving families and friends.

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